Satmetrix NPX Software

Role: UX Designer

In the course of two years, I have worked on multiple project to improve the user interaction and create new user requested features for Satmetrix NPX Software.

Some of the interesting project includes; building left-rail folder management system and integrating  benchmark and academy assets from Net into the software.

Left Rail Folder Management System

Design Process

I started my process by looking into the best practices for folder management system. I looked into some existing file management system, such as finder, box, and drop box to identify the needs of the user. Working with a UX researcher, we started our design research by implementing a card sorting exercise —identifying user goals on how would they organize their analytics in a folder.

With all the gathered user insights, I switch my focus to designing the interaction with the product. I started building prototype and have them test by recruiting participants internally as well as externally with a range of limited to extensive experience in the program.

Key Learning

The task were easily learned and users responded well to the new design. Users liked the ability to customize their analytics view. The only concern is the hierarchy structure of the folders. Currently, users are only allowed to create one level of folders instead of nested folders. Moving forward, those concern will be addressed in the future implementation release.

Net Promoter Academy & Benchmark Integration


NPS Certification Courses and Industry Benchmarks are managed on a separate web platform ( Net
Users want to access these courses and benchmarks on NPX Platform. Currently, user requires has to login two separate site to access all these information.

Design Process

Working with Product and Engineering team, we looked into the existing Net Promoter website and identify the possible solution of combining the existing user flow to access Net Promoter Benchmark and Academy into NPX platform. I started with the high level site map architecture and see where the commonalities coexist in both platform. I create a user flow model and presented them to the product stakeholders as well as testing the design with our existing users.

Keeping the importance of user behaviors on the existing Net Promoter site, we decided to design the feature with existing pattern without disrupting users task seeking for the benchmark and academy resources. In the product, we introduce two new left rail navigation on the product being Academy and Benchmark. Users are able to directly navigate to its respective resources within a click rather than having them hidden on sub-level page on Net

Net will still exist and play a smaller role which is to provide user basic information on Academy and Benchmarks.

Key Learning

The product integration has conveniently allows users to login within one platform. The design solution has significantly bring high values to the business goals as well as providing users more engaging platform.